Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4, 2011

This is mine and Gage's first picture together when he was less than a day old. No new picture today. I got home around 6p and he was hanging out naked, rocking the diaper only look. He was super excited to see me, but still so hungry and tired. I got some dinner in him and he was still pretty whiny and upset. I went ahead and gave him his last bottle, even though I was trying to save it for after his bath. He passed out and ended up missing his bath completely. I put him to bed in his diaper and he's been asleep since then - going on 2 hours now. I'm sure this means he'll be up soon - for a diaper change at least - but he was just too tired to try and stretch out the routine. I hate that I only got to see him for 30 minutes today, but we have a weekend ahead of us.

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