Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011

Check out that eyebrow - he's got some faces. I missed yesterday's post because we snagged an 8p doctors appointment at the last minute to have the kiddo's ears checked out. He's been clawing at his left ear a lot more than usual and he's been shaking his head a lot, so we decided to have it looked at. He's clawed at his ears before because of teething, but this seemed worse, so we decided to just rule out the ear infection so we could stop wondering. Of course we get there, doc takes one look and tells us his ears are perfect. So...we're expecting more teeth at any time. He did great to be out so late and went straight to bed when we got home.

He was in a great mood when I got home tonight, he was just cracking up and smiling really big while we finished dinner and hung out. He's gets these huge smiles where his whole face scrunches up and he shows off his vampire teeth. I STILL can't get a picture of it - the minute he sees the phone or camera he gets this hungry look on his face and lunges for it. I have to try hard this week to have J help me - if he can make him laugh, maybe I can get the picture without him noticing me with the phone.

J claims that he said "Dad-dy" today, but he said he wasn't sure if it was on purpose, so we aren't claiming anything yet. I'll have to hear it to believe it. He was playing on his floor today and I was laying down a few feet away and I started patting my face and saying, "Ma-ma". He got a big smile on his face and crawled over to me as fast as he could, then he put his hands on my face and gave me a big slobbery kiss. The sweetness, I die!

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