Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011

This is the best picture I could get. That little dude was a blur of activity tonight. Even waving the phone around couldn't get his attention. He was crawling all over the house with me following behind him.

J said today was a pretty good day. For the most part it's the same thing every day - wake up, little TV/exersaucer, breakfast, play on the floor, nap, lunch, more playing on the floor and then I get home and we start our evening routine.

In the bath tonight he discovered how much fun it is to splash in the water. He's done a little splashing here and there before, but he was going crazy and cracking up tonight. He was playing quietly while I washed him, talking to his duck and just being chill and then all of a sudden he just started slapping at the water. When he realized how much fun it was, he started splashing even harder and then he started cracking up. He was having a lot of fun. Even J came in when he heard all the commotion to watch him. We were all laughing.

He's been going to bed a little later, but he's still usually asleep by 7:30p. Unfortunately he's on this new night schedule where he wakes up at midnight and 4a for some snuggles and sometimes a little bit of formula. I'm hoping that this is just a symptom of the teething - we'll see once those new teeth come in. He has a nasty rash under his chin and at the top of his chest from the drool and now his cheeks are a little chapped and red. He's not miserable most of the time, but he's still clawing at that ear and he gets a little feverish in the early evening, so I'll be glad when he gets the next couple of teeth. Can't wait for the weekend and little quality time with little man.

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