Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9, 2011

I didn't get a new picture of G today. We just got too busy with our little routine and he was asleep before I knew it. Last night was another success in the sleeping department - he slept all night, no late night partying. J said he had a good day today, I could tell they had fun in his room since it was a mess when I got home. He helped J and I finish cooking our dinner and then hung out in his walker while we ate. Then he had some dinner of his own, followed by a bath. We went through his First 100 Animals book, then we said gave Daddy some goodnight kisses and it was time for bed. Another night of no fighting - he whimpered a little bit, but went to sleep within 10 minutes. Winning.

Since I didn't take a picture today, I posted one of my all time favorite videos of the kiddo (see the post below this one). It's from October, so he wasn't quite 3 months old yet - but it's one of the best videos we have from when he first started babbling with us.

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